PhoneControl Professional

This multi-award winning Telecom Usage Management & Call Accounting System can report on the latest VoIP, SIP, hybrid, traditional PABX and key-phone systems and mobile phones. The powerful PhoneControl Professional system will help you to gain visibility, control the cost and manage your telecom environment like you could never before.

Powerful Report Generator

PhoneControl Professional comes with a powerful report generator which is extremely easy to use and can generate virtually any type and style of report in all popular file formats. The 25 most commonly used reports are already pre-defined and can be created with a few mouse clicks from the intuitive interface. The content of all reports can be customised to suit user requirements - users can select the fields to be included, their sequence and sort order and change report headers and footers, if required.

Flexible Telephone Directory

The Directory module can be used to provide staff with access to a central corporate telephone Directory.

The ready-made, but fully customisable Directory Database offers unlimited freedom with the design of corporate telephone Directories, allowing you to include any additional fields required. Updating the Directory can be automated using the flexible import and export facilities which make updating an easy task. With the LDAP/Active Directory interface the Directory content can be synchronised in real-time.

Multiple Provider & Site Capabilities

PhoneControl Professional can report on complex telecom environments using a mixture of private and public infrastructure, multiple service providers or tariff tables, using different locations or telephone systems which can be located across the country or even the world. PhoneControl can collate the data belonging to the same users and departments providing you with a complete overview of the actual usage.

Automate Activities

The wizard-based Task Scheduler allows you to automate recurring activities, such as Report Generation with reports saved to file, send to a printer or delivered via email, Directory Import & Export to update the Directory content, and Maintenance Activities, such as back-ups. Each task can be scheduled to take place at regular intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) during times of minimum system activities.

Maintenance and Support

PhoneControl offers excellent support and strongly suggests customers to maintain a Maintenance and Support agreement. Such an agreement ensures you an actual up-to-date PhoneControl system; you will be entitled to free software and standard tariff table updates when they become available, plus you will be entitled to free and priority access to our friendly and qualified technical support staff.

Available Report Types

§ Detailed Reports - Text report containing a single line for each call showing selected details; selectable details include date, time, extension, dialled number, destination, duration, cost, etc.

§ Summary Reports – Text report showing a summary overview for the selected reportable items; Summaries can include totals and averages of amount, duration and cost for reportable items,

such as departments, extensions, sites, providers, trunks and any other available reportable field.

§ Organisational Summary Reports – Text report providing a break-down of the selected items over the organisation, with summaries by departments, sub-departments and individual users.

§ Traffic Reports – Graphical histogram style presentation of trunk usage over the time of day.

§ Real Time Reports – Graphical or Detail report presenting call data on screen in real-time, providing ‘ LIVE ‘ reporting on call exceptions and alarms allowing you to take action instantly.

§ Graphical Reports - Displays selected historical or usage data in selectable graphical formats

§ Dispersion Reports – Displays a map or globe showing the geographical call dispersion.

§ Frequency Reports - Shows the frequency of selected call items, e.g. most expensive.

§ Account Code Reports - Assign your own Account codes with surcharges, mark-ups and PIN-numbers based on duration or call type

§ Exports Reports in CSV, TXT, HTML, RTF, XML, Excel, PDF ( password protected)

Minimum Computer Specifications

PhoneControl software will run on any current-standard Personal Computer.

PhoneControl software does not necessarily need to be installed on a new computer, but the performance of the PhoneControl system is directly dependent on the capacity of the computer. Additional redundancy, like a RAID disk system and redundant power supplies, should be considered in case the functioning of the PhoneControl application is a critical process for the customer organization.

The minimum recommended computer specifications are:

Operating System:

Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2003 server, Windows 2008 server, Windows Vista


< 100 extensions: Pentium 4, 3GHz or Higher.

>1000 extensions: Core 2 Duo or Higher


1GB Minimum or better

Hard Disk Space:

40Gb recommended (Minimum requirement 100 Mb, plus sufficient space for call data storage approximately 40Mb per 100 extensions per year)


1 Serial Port for Data Collection (with serial call data collection)

(PhoneControl Affinity only - additional Serial port(s) for PMS connection if applicable).

Ethernet TCP/IP Network port (with TCP/IP data collection, a Local Area Network (LAN) or a network printer)


DVDROM Disk Drive


(Optional) for local printing of report data

Backup Media:

(Optional) for local backup of PhoneControl data

NOTE: These are the MINIMUM recommended specifications and are to be used as a guideline only. Recommended computer specifications vary depending on the PhoneControl System installed, the number of extensions connected to the PABX and the amount of calls to be analysed. Please contact our sales support department to determine the recommended specifications for your particular situation.